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Cardiff Mortgage Centre can provide a range of insurance and protection products. We are specialists with great insight into what is needed by our clients and provide a high level of service and support.

This is an important factor as no two client's needs are the same.

Our aim is to give a total,  all-in-one, ”best advice” service for your insurance needs, and all other major financial decisions in order to help those individuals and families achieve that peace of mind.


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Life Assurance
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Cardiff Mortgage Centre considers Life assurance to be the basis for a secure foundation to your financial planning providing much needed financial security in a number of situations. Life assurance is designed to let people provide for their families financially when they die. Many decide to take out a policy when they start a family, buy their first property and make sure they do not leave debts behind for their loved ones.


No one likes to contemplate their own death which is why many neglect to arrange life assurance.  The decision to take out life assurance is more about the stage in life you have reached than simply your age and no one wants to give the matter too much thought but there is something very reassuring in knowing that if the worst were to happen your family would be financially secure. Having life assurance means that at a time of loss you will leave your family with the financial security to afford the every day things they are used to. Without it your families lives will change dramatically. For them it could mean a move out of the family home, even out of the area in which they have grown up in.


There are different types of cover and how much you need and over what time period depends upon your individual circumstances. The general rule being that it should be enough to pay off any debts when you die and provide enough money so that your partner and /or any children would be financially secure.


The cost of cover varies also according to age, health conditions and whether or not you are a smoker. It is vital that any health issues are disclosed at application stage as failure to do so could cause complications.

Critical illness insurance will pay a tax free lump sum on diagnosis of any one of a list of critical illnesses including, for instance heart attacks, strokes and most forms of cancers and Cardiff Mortgage Centre considers this an important addition to the protection & life assurance cover above.


Claims statistics suggest you are 5 times more likely to suffer from one of these than you are to die before you reach the age of 65 but when considering protecting yourself most peoples priority is life assurance as many people assume critical illness cover is going to be expensive however, the truth is that for just a few extra pounds you can buy yourselves valuable time to recover from your illness.

What if there was a fire or the roof was damaged in a storm? Would you be able to pay for the repairs? And where would you live if your house was uninhabitable?


Your home also contains some of your most valuable possessions. Could you afford to replace your flat screen TV or your jewellery collection if you were the target of burglars?


Purchasing a home is not a decision to be taken lightly and many people invest their life savings in order to guarantee that they will have a roof over their heads.


If you had a cash machine in the kitchen of your home that constantly gave you £400 per week every week of the year for every year of your working life would you insure it?


That cash machine is YOU and the weekly amount your wage. Why would you not insure that income? While most of us are quite happy to insure our cars, houses, travel, phones and pets very few of us take quite as much care of the most important item to insure ourselves, our health and our incomes.


Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance (ASU) or sometimes referred to as Mortgage Payment Protection will provide a monthly benefit to cover your mortgage and other related costs.


The policy will cover arrange of illnesses and accidents. These policies are strictly time limited typically paying a one or two year time period and cover just the specific debt.


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Colin Morgan

Colin has a lifetime of experience in the mortgage and financial advisory business.

Rhodri Beynon

Fully Qualified and hugely experienced Mortgage and Protection Adviser with Extensive Sales, Business Development and Customer Care Experience.


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Colin and his Team worked really hard to secure a Mortgage for us. As a self employed person it has become increasingly difficult to secure Mortgage funds. Without Colin and his teams efforts, I doubt we would have our Home that we now happily live in. Many thanks Once again.

HYWEL Newport

Over the last 8 years Colin has acted for me on mortgages, life policies, cross-option agreements and setting up of trusts. He explains all products and his recommendations in a clear and precise manner to make selecting the right product straightforward. He always does what he says he will do when he says he will do it and makes recommendations based on what is clearly best for his client not was has so often been the case based on my previous experience, based on what makes them the best commission.


Went through numerous different options and found the one than suited myself best. What could your adviser do better? They catered for everything I required and couldn't think of anymore they could have done to make the experience even better, very friendly and even supply biscuits!